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Incident and Hazard Reporting - La Trobe University


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How do I submit a report?

  • Click on submit a new report (left hand box)
  • Complete all details. Note all mandatory fields need completing. If unable to complete N/A should be inserted in the field.
  • Date: is the date of the incident/hazard occurring.
  • Where an injury is sustained and first aid treatment given a "record of treatment" must be completed and sent separately to La Trobe Health & Safety.

What should I do as a supervisor?

Complete the "Preventative Action" section
  • Action: Select Action from drop down list
  • Details: Add further details if applicable otherwise type N/A
  • Completed Date: Enter the date if the action has been completed
  • Supervisor Comments: Complete any further details or information that may be relevant. If no further details place N/A in this comment box.

Who is my supervisor?

  • Staff: Your supervisor is your immediate supervisor.
  • Student: Your supervisor is your program coordinator or course coordinator.
  • Incidents of a confidential nature (e.g. psychological injury, grievances or complaints) must be reported directly to Workplace Relations (contact 9479 1234) in the first instance.
  • The incident reporting system automatically notifies the Nominated Supervisor or Head of School or Program Coordinator when a report is made. If there are issues of confidentiality or concerns about notification, contact La Trobe Health and Safety at or 9479 2462.

Who do I talk to if I need assistance?

See contact list Contacts