New vendor application - Domestic Vendor

Welcome to working with La Trobe University! To set your organisation up in our systems, we need some mandatory information from you.

We will also ask some questions about your organisation which we ask for reporting requirements and for processing invoices.

Finally, there are some legislative requirements we need to ensure you are aware of so we also provide that information here.

You will need to provide the following information

  • Working with Children Check Declaration/Exemption/WWCC card
  • Any required Product and Public Liability insurance certificates

Your New Vendor request will not be processed without all documentation.

If you have any issues in submitting this form please email for assistance.

Only complete if requested by La Trobe staff member.

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If you are unsure if your company has a DUNS number, you can look this up here.
If you would like to request a DUNS number, you can request one here.
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Payment Terms

La Trobe University’s Vendor Payment Terms are 30 days from the end of the month that the invoice is dated (Unless otherwise agreed on a La Trobe University Purchase order for an individual engagement)

La Trobe Staff Member
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These Terms & Conditions and their acceptance do not apply to the supply of any goods or provision of any services which have been executed in a separate written agreement with La Trobe, whether that agreement is entered into before or after your registration as a Vendor to La Trobe.

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Infrastructure & Operations only
Only use these T&C's if specifically direct by an I&O La Trobe staff member.
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Comments regarding General / I&O T&C's:
Any queries please e-mail
Working with Children Checks (“WWCC”) & Insurance Documentation

All domestic Vendors operating on La Trobe University campuses are required to comply with the University’s Working With Children Policy. Please complete your WWCC Declaration, Exemption or provide a copy of your WWCC card. Details on who is exempt from WWC can be found here. If valid, download your Declaration/Exemption form here.

Please email both Working with Children documentation and Insurance documentation to quoting your vendor entity name / ABN. Your Vendor application will not proceed until WWCC Declaration, Exemption or copy WWCC card and any required insurance documentation has been provided.

Modern Slavery Act reporting requirements

The Modern Slavery Act is legislation that requires some entities to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains. La Trobe University is required to report under the Act and is therefore committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. All Vendors to the University are required to comply with applicable labour, anti-slavery and human trafficking legislation and regulations in Australia and worldwide. Vendors should implement and maintain appropriate processes, procedures and policies to address modern slavery risks in their own operations and supply chains. La Trobe University may request reasonable documentation from a vendor to validate compliance with this requirement. We have provided here some information on what you should look out for in your own supply chains.

Labour Hire Licensing Act requirements

The Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 is Victorian Legislation that imposes regulations to protect workers in the labour hire industry. All labour hire providers are required to hold a labour hire licence in order to operate in Victoria. If you are a Victorian labour hire provider, you are required to supply a copy of either your license or proof of your application to obtain a licence to the University before we can engage your services.

We have provided here some information about Labour Hire Licensing Act requirements.

If required please email either your license or proof of your application to obtain a licence to quoting your vendor entity name / ABN.

Vendor Responsibilities

1) The Vendor is responsible for:

a. the accuracy of the above details

b. advising La Trobe University in writing from the Authorised Representative with applicable documentary evidence of any changes relating to the above details. Upon receipt of such notification La Trobe University shall process all payments in accordance with the amended details provided.

2) The Vendor warrants that the bank account details provided are true and correct and comply with all applicable laws.

3) La Trobe University has the right to accept the express authority of the Authorised Representative as conclusive evidence of that person's authority to bind the Vendor to the obligations as set out in this agreement and to sign this agreement on behalf of the Vendor. La Trobe University is under no obligation to verify that authority of the Authorised Representative or the Bank account details.

4) La Trobe University will use all reasonable measures to maintain confidentiality. Both the Authorised Representative and the Vendor acknowledge that it may not be practical for La Trobe University to keep these account details confidential in all circumstances. These details will be available to La Trobe University staff or La Trobe University’s agents or contractors in carrying out their normal duties in paying invoices.

5) Payment will be deemed to have been made when La Trobe University has instructed its bank to credit the account. La Trobe University will not be responsible for any delays in payment or errors due to factors outside the reasonable control of La Trobe University, including but not limited to delays or errors in the banking system. The Authorised Representative warrants in his/her own right that:

a. he/she has the express authority to bind the Vendor to the conditions of this payment for and on behalf of the Vendor and acknowledges that La Trobe University would not have entered into this Agreement but for this warranty of authority;

b. the banking details provided are accurate; and

c. by ticking the below box, that the Vendor is aware of its responsibilities under this agreement.

Yes, we/I agree to the above *