Worner lecture archive

2001 - 2008

2008 - Regional Dentistry: equity in training and treatment

Professor Peter Wilson

2007 - Acknowledging That Ordinary Lives Are Extraordinary Lives – A Slap in the Face to the Cult of the Celebrity [PDF 956KB]

Ms Julie Millowick

2006 - From Dylan to Designer Drugs: what would Grannie think of her tablets now? [PDF 674KB]

Professor Kenn Raymond

2005 - Health and Ageing in 2025: the ‘boomers’ go grey [PDF 272KB]

Professor Hal Swerissen

2004 - On the Value of a University - a Journey of Discovery [PDF 72KB]

Professor Rhett H Walker

2003 - Is the poetry of Homer Philosophical? [PDF 164KB]

Dr Roger Sworder

2002 - Developing clinical wisdom: a challenge for academia and health care [PDF 92KB]

Ruth Endacott

2001 - I would be good, I should be good, but gee (oh gee oh gee)! The Development of a Psychological Theory [PDF 144KB]

Jill Francis

1996 - 2000

2000 - Soils: our Interface with the Environment [PDF 310KB]

Associate Professor Bruce Johnson

1999 - Learning in School Through the New Technologies [PDF 88KB]

Associate Professor Vaughan Prain

1998 - Rural Health and the Health of Rural Communities [PDF 116KB]

John S. Humphreys

1997 - Bendigo Gold Past, Present and Future [PDF 76KB]

Howard K Worner and R. Findlay Johnson

1996 - Join the Dots and See the World

Terry Mills