Zoom is accessible by installing the Zoom Client from the La Trobe Software Centre on your PC/MAC. The Zoom App is also available for mobile devices at the appropriate App stores.

Single Sign On (SSO) is available for La Trobe users.

Please go to the Zoom User Guide for Zoom Getting Started Information

Zoom can be used successfully for the following situations:

  • Via your personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Meetings up to 100 participants (50+ ICT Request)
  • Webinars with up to 500 viewers (expandable)
  • Screen sharing for online presentations
  • Scheduling meetings with Zoom Meeting ID's
  • Recording of meetings
  • Conference telephone calls
  • Call existing LTU traditional Video Conferencing Rooms
  • Chat between users
  • Online teaching and training

For help and FAQ's please access the La Trobe Zoom User Guide

Please make use of the Zoom.us Help Centre as it is full of up to date articles and videos.

Rooms that have Zoom Enabled

Zoom enabled rooms​

Campuses:  BEN - Bendigo        BUN - Bundoora        CITY - Collins Street        MIL - Mildura        SHEP - Shepparton        WOD - Wodonga
​Campus, building, room number, room nameCampus, building, room number, room name
BEN AP 102 Meeting Room ​​BUN L 134 Library Seminar Room ​
​BEN AS2 224B Meeting Room ​​BUN L 203 Library Special Collection Room ​
​BEN BUS 129 Business Boardroom ​​BUN L 210 Library Research Commons ​
​BEN CSC 109 ICT Meeting Room ​​BUN LIMS1 501 Meeting Room ​
​BEN CT 225 Clinical Teaching Meeting Room ​​BUN LIMS2 402 ​
​BEN ED 226 Education Boardroom ​​BUN MAR 369 Meeting Room ​
​BEN HHS 201 Meeting Room ​​BUN PS1 114 VisLab1 ​
​BEN HHS 208A Meeting Room ​​BUN PS1 221 SEMS Room ​
​BEN Kangaroo Flat Tele Health Room 43 ​​BUN PS2 310 ACE Meeting Room ​
​BEN L 303 Library Meeting Room ​​BUN PW 110 SHE Meeting Room ​
​BEN VA 115 Meeting Room ​​BUN PW 202 SHE Boardroom ​
​BUN ASSC Meeting Room 2 ​​BUN Research Infrastructure Office ​
​BUN Bouverie Centre Goding Room ​​BUN TER12 107 ICT Meeting Room ​
​BUN BS1 201 Meeting Room​ ​​BUN TER12 204 ICT Meeting Room ​
​BUN BS2 461 VisLab2​ ​​BUN TER13 110 ICT Meeting Room ​
​BUN CS1 204 I&O Meeting Room ​​BUN TER13 206 ICT Meeting Room ​
​BUN DMW 302 Abacus Meeting Room ​​BUN TER14 204 Meeting Room ​
​BUN DMW W112 Meeting Room ​​BUN U 206 Union Boardroom ​
​BUN ED1 403 Education Boardroom ​​BUN U 214 Union Meeting Room ​
​BUN ED2 318 Education Boardroom ​​CITY 360C 20.02 Boardroom ​
​BUN EH2 Meeting Room ​​MIL MOA 102 Meeting Room ​
​BUN GS 325 Meeting Room ​​SHEP 102 Meeting Room ​
​BUN HS1 115 Meeting Room ​​WOD AW1 113 Library Meeting Room ​
​BUN HS1 203 Meeting Room ​​WOD AW4 211 Boardroom ​
​BUN HS2 440 Meeting Room ​​WOD AW4 245 Meeting Room ​
​BUN HU3 326 Meeting Room ​

There are a number of traditional video conference meeting rooms at the University which are optimised for using Zoom.

  • Video conferencing equipment includes a wall mounted screen, with camera and audio devices.
  • Some rooms have a computer and all have connections for laptops.
    • Room details such as location, seating capacity and amenities are available in Book La Trobe.
  • Zoom enabled rooms appear in the call out list when you invite a room system during a Zoom meeting.

See the Zoom user FAQ for further details