Reptiles recorded in the Sanctuary

The La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary is home to over 19 species of reptiles. Most of these are in the Scinicidae or Skink Family. The open woodland of the Sanctuary makes it an ideal area for terrestrial reptiles. The Sanctuary is undertaking a programme to construct 'lizard lounges' to increase the amount of shelter and basking sites. Rocks and logs, used for landscaping and firewood, are often one of the first things taken from natural areas as urban areas expand. It is amazing how quickly that reptiles find newly constructed 'lizard lounges'; often within hours.

Not all reptiles which are recorded for this part of Melbournre reside in the Sanctuary. Those that were recorded before the University was built are marked '(A)'.

Types of reptiles found
  • Eastern Three-lined Skink, Bassiana duperreyi
  • Striped Skink, Ctenotus robustus
  • Cunningham's Skink, Ergernia cunninghami
  • White's Skink, E. whitii
  • Water Skink, Eulampus tympanum
  • Delicate Skink, Lampropholis delicata
  • Garden Skink, L. guichenoti 
  • Bouganville's Skink, Lerista bougainvilii
  • No common name, Pseudemoia duperreyi
  • Southern Grass Skink, P. entrecasteauxii
  • Tussock Skink, P. pagenstecheri
  • Weasel Skink, Saproscincus mustelinus
  • Large Striped Skink, Ctenotus robustus
  • Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard, Tiliqua scincoides
  • Blue-tongued Lizard, T. nigrolutea Bloched
  • Common Copperhead, Austrelaps superbus,
  • Small-eyed snake, Cryptophis nigrescens (A)
  • White-lipped Snake, Drysdalia coronoides (A)
  • Tiger Snake, Notechis scutatus
  • Red-bellied Black Snake, Pseudechis porphyriacus (A)
  • Eastern Brown Snake, Pseudonaja textilis (A)
  • Little Whip Snake, Unechis flagellum
CHELIDA (Tortoises)
  • Long-necked Tortoise, Chelodina
  • Marbled Gecko, Phyllodactylus marmoratus
AGAMIDAE (Dragons)
  • Tree Dragon, Amphibolurus muricatus

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