Butterflies recorded in the Sanctuary

List compiled by M. Braby with additions by Cam Beardsell.

Eighteen species breed regularly in the La Trobe Willdlife Sanctuary, although new species may become resident as suitable habitat becomes available.

One migrant species occurs in the area, Caper White Anaphaeis java teutonia, which pass through the area from the west. A number of species are vagrants to the area and do not appear to breed. Other species of interest are those which can be found in areas adjacent to the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary. These species may have once occured in the Sanctuary prior to European arrival.

Butterfly legend

(R) resident, (M) migrant, (V) vagrant, (N) non resident, (A) found in adjacent areas

Family Lycaenidae
Common Imperial Blue, Jalmenus evagoras Olane Azure, O. olane olane (N) Eltham Copper, Paralucia pyrodiscus lucida (A)
Dark Purple Blue, Ogyris abrota Small Copper, Lucia limbaria (A) Common Grass-blue, Zizina labradus labradus
Double-spotted Lineblue, Nacaduba biocelata biocellata Chequered Blue, Theclinesthes serpentata Blue Jewel, Hypochrysops delicia delicia
Ictinus Blue, J.ictinus (A) Pea Blue, Lampides boeticus Common Dusky Blue, Candalides hyacinthinus hyacinthinus (A)
Family Hesperidae
White Grassdart, Taractrocera papyria Symmomus Skipper, Trapezites symmomus symmomus (R) Spotted Skipper, Hesperilla ornata ornata (A)
Doubleday's Skipper, Toxidia doubledayi Donnysa Skipper, Hespiridae donnysa donnysa (A) Bright Sheild Skipper, Signeta flammeata (N)
Rare White-spot Skipper, T. luteus leucus (A) Dispar Skipper, Dispar compacta Phigaliode Skipper, T. phiagaliodes (A)
Yellow-banded Dart, Ocybadistes walkeri sothis Phigaglia Skipper, Trapezites phigalia phigalia (A)  -
Family Nymphalidae
Australian Admiral, Vanessa itea N Australian Painted Lady, V. kershawi Eastern Ringed Xenica, Geitoneura acantha acantha
Klug's Xenica, G. klugii klugii Common Brown, Heteronympha merope Shouldered Brown, H. penelope penelope (N)
Meadow Argus, Junonia villida calybe Lesser Wanderer, Danaus chrysippus petilia Tailed Emperor, Polyura pyrrhus sempronius (V)
Family Papilionidae
Dingy Swallowtail, Papilio anactus N Orchard butterfly, Papilio aegus aegus
Family Peridae
Wood White, Delias aganippe Imperial White, D. harpalyce Caper White Anaphaeis java teutonia (M)
Small Grass Yellow, Eurema smilax (V) - -
Family Pieris
Cabbage White, Pieris rapae rapae I