Breeding and keeping Australian native animals

Many animals depend on complex micro ecosystems for their needs. Keeping Australian animals for breeding or as pets is only recommended if you can meet the specific demands of the animal concerned.

At the Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary we do not breed, keep or hand feed animals - we let nature run its’ course. Animals live and interact on our 30 hectare site and go beyond our boundaries at the arboreal and aquatic levels. In most instances we are not familiar with methods of caring for animals in captivity.

Before you embark on keeping Australian animals in captivity you should investigate the legalities and ensure that appropriate licensing has been obtained. Contact the Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) for details.

The best way to learn the habitat and feeding requirements of native animals is to spend some time investigating the animals in situ. Your local library would also be a great place to investigate.

Try to determine the region the animals have originally come from. In some instances suppliers of native animals may have sourced their ‘stock’ from other areas, even other countries, where the habitat and feeding requirements differ.

To encourage native animals into your back yard, consider creating an indigenous habitat patch – call us on tel: 9479 2871 or visit our nursery to discuss.