Below is a list of some of the non-Passerines found at the Sanctuary.

Great-crested GrebeHoary-headed GrebeAustralasian Grebe
Pelicans and Allies
Australian PelicanPied CormorantGreat Cormorant
DarterLittle Pied CormorantLittle Black Cormorant
Herons and Allies
Pacific HeronIntermediate EgretGlossy Ibis
White-faced HeronRufous (Nankeen) Night HeronSacred Ibis
Cattle EgretLittle BitternStraw-necked Ibis
Great EgretAustralasian BitternRoyal Spoonbill
Little EgretBlack BitternYellow-billed Spoonbill
Ducks and Allies
Wandering Whistling-Duck (T)Pacific Black DuckSouthern Shoveller
Plumed Whistling-Duck (T)Grey TealHardhead
Black SwanChestnut TealManed (Wood) Duck
Australian Shelduck--
Black-shouldered KiteGrey GoshawkBlack Falcon (T)
Whistling KiteWedge-tailed EaglePeregrine Falcon
Brown GoshawkLittle EagleAustralian Hobby
Collared SparrowhawkMarsh HarrierAustralian (Nankeen) Kestrel
Quails and Allies
Stubble QuailPainted Button-quailBuff-banded RailLewin's Rail
Baillon's CrakeAustralian CrakeSpotless CrakeBlack-tailed Native Hen
Dusky MoorhenPurple SwamphenEurasian Coot-
Waders and Gulls
Painted SnipeLatham's SnipeSilver Gull
Masked Lapwing Sharp-tailed SandpiperWhiskered Tern
Black-fronted Plover --
Pigeons and Doves
Feral Pigeon (I)Spotted Turtle Dove (I)Peaceful Dove (T)
Common Bronzewing --
Cockatoos and Parrots
Yellow-tailed Black CockatooMusk LorikeetSwift Parrot
Gang-Gang CockatooPurple-crowned LorikeetCrimson Rosella
GalahLittle LorikeetEastern Rosella
Long-billed CorellaAustralian King-ParrotPort Lincoln Ringneck (T)
Little CorellaBudgerigar (T)Red-rumped Parrot
Sulphur-crested CockatooCockatiel (T)Blue-winged Parrot (T)
Rainbow Lorikeet - -
Pallid Cuckoo Black-eared CuckooShining Bronze-Cuckoo
Fan-tailed CuckooHorsefield Bronze-Cuckoo-
Owls and Allies
Southern Boobook OwlBarn OwlAustralian Owlet Nightjar
Barking OwlTawny Frogmouth-
White-throated NeedletailFork-tailed Swift (T)
Azure KingfisherSacred KingfisherDollarbird (T)
Laughing KookaburraRainbow Bee-eater-