Birds recorded in the Sanctuary

La Trobe University’s Bundoora campus is well recognised as a great place for spotting birdlife. The Sanctuary exhibits great bird diversity, particularly in it’s network of wetlands; designed as Australia’s first example of man made natural filtration system. From time to time, we have also been visited by some rather rare sightings of species like Little Bittern’s and Magpie Geese.

Grebes Raptors Pigeons and Doves Owls and Allies
Pelicans and Allies Quails and Allies Cockatoos and Parrots Swifts
Herons and Allies Waders and Gulls Cuckoos Kingfishers
Ducks and Allies - - -
Larks Australian Warblers Pardalotes Mud-nesters
Swallows and Martins Scrub-Wrens and Allies White-eyes Magpie Larks
Pipits Sitellas Finches Wood Swallows
Cuckoo-shrikes and Allies Treecreepers Sparrows Currawongs and Butcherbirds
Flycatchers and Allies Honeyeaters Weavers Crows
Chowchillas Australian Chats Starlings and Mynahs -
Old World Warblers Flowerpeckers Orioles -