Exploring adaptations- Moving like an ant


A classroom that can have its tables and chairs changed around, blind folds and bicycle helmets.


While students are in the maze, a buddy is with them to tell them if they need to stop so they don’t bump themselves. Keep movement and noise to a minimum. Use bike helmets.


Set up the desk in the classroom as a maze. Designate areas as breeding chambers, excavation sites, cemetery, food storage etc. Blind fold three or four students. Get them on their hand and knees (check there floor is safe) and get them to find their way around. Get the rest of the class to remain quite and to observe what strategies students use to move around.

  • As people, what senses do we use when we can’t see? Compare these strategies to strategies used by ants.
  • What do ants have to feel with?
  • Ants can’t talk, but what do they have instead (hint on the nose)?

Use a range of objects with similar smells, e.g. lemon, orange etc.and see if blindfolded students can find these in the maze.