Middle years

Learn how to apply a scientific method to real life situations. Your students will gain experience understanding the scientific method and its applications.

Our focus on recognising questions that can be investigated scientifically and undertaking investigations allows students in grade 5 and 6 to get hands on. We also use the concept of cause of effect relationships to explore a range of questions and ideas.

Secondary students will focus on how to explain phenomena involving science and its applications. Immerse your students in the wonderful world of science and get hooked on the outdoors.

Bring along your lunch to have in one of our peaceful, outdoor spaces

Suggested Experiences

Wildlife CSI (grades 5-6) - year 7-9 version coming soon!

‘Compare data with predictions and use as evidence in developing explanations’ (VCSIS086)

Become CSI agents for the day as you try to discover what has happened at a crime scene. Use a range of different tools and methods to collect and analyse evidence.

  • The crime scene (5-6, 7-9 coming soon)
  • The evidence (5-6, 7-9 coming soon)
  • The story (5-6, 7-9 coming soon)

Science in the bush (grades 7-10)

2 Hours

‘Reflect on the method used to investigate a question or solve a problem, including evaluating the quality of the data collected, and identify improvements to the method’ (VCSIS112)

Use techniques and methods scientists use every day. Through these activities, we introduce evidence-based thinking. Students will also use data collection and understand the effectiveness of their sampling method.

Maths in the bush (grades 7-10)

‘In fair tests, measure and control variables, and select equipment to collect data with accuracy appropriate to the task’ (VCSIS109)

Apply mathematical concepts learnt in school to real-world scenarios. Through this experience, your students can create a range of graphs and mathematical representations of data.

Design your own experience!

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