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Faculty Of Humanities & Social Sciences

POL5MSH, 2014

Subject Code:POL5MSH
Credit Points:30
Special Conditions:Core subject the Master of International Development (AMID/AMIDV/AMIDH/HZHPHID/HZPHID)
Subject Description:In this subject we explore the conditions that enable progressive social change and those that constrain it. We do so in dialogue with a number of practitioners involved in development. We examine the interplay of actors and structures in the development field with the objective of identifying elements of successful development practice. Moving from broad debates in the social sciences, students are invited to consider a range of practical issues related to development practise, including: how non-governmental organizations mobilise people; the conditions for successful advocacy; the role of networking and informal structures in advancing social change; the constraints facing development and aid agencies: the politics of partnership and leadership; and the negotiation of power. Students apply this learning to specific projects they research during the subject.
Prerequisites:Enrolment in the Master of International Relations (AMIR/AMIRL/AMIRH/AMIRS), Graduate Diploma of International Relations(AGIR), Graduate Certificate of International Relations (ACIR), Master of International Development or related double masters (AMID/AMIDV/AMIDH/HZHPHID/HZPHID), Graduate Diploma of International Development(AGDST) or Graduate Certificate of International Development (ACDST).
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:Y


Assessment Type%Comments
Critical Book Review (2,000 words). 25
Case study essay (7,000 words)75


Reading TypeTitleAuthorPublisher
PreliminaryActivist's handbook: a primer, Shaw, R.University of California Press 2001
PreliminaryActivist wisdom: practical knowledge and creative tension in social movements,Maddison, S. and Scalmer, S. UNSW Press 2006
RecommendedFrom poverty to power,Green, D.Oxfam 2008
RecommendedSocial movements, 1768-2004, Tilly, C.Paradigm Publishers 2004
RecommendedActivists beyond borders : advocacy networks in international politics,Keck, M. E. and Sikkink, K.Cornell University Press 1998
RecommendedPower in movement: social movements, collective action, and politics, Tarrow, S.Cambridge University Press 1994

Subject Coordinator: Mr Chris Roche

Class Requirement
Semester 2, Day. Mr Chris Roche (C.Roche@latrobe.edu.au)
One 3-hour Seminar per week on weekdays during the day from week 31 to week 43 and delivered via blended mode.