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POL3PCW, 2011

Subject Code:POL3PCW
Credit Points:20
Special Conditions:Only available to Bachelor of International Relations students. Semester 1 enrolment is by approval only, please contact the subject coordinator.
Subject Description:This subject is to be taken by all Bachelor of International Relations students. The main purpose is to equip students to work with and for organisations that have a strong interest in international relations. The coordinator will oversee the selection and design of projects and the selection of workplaces. After this process, each student will be placed with an organisation which has agreed to provide the necessary supervision in the workplace. The selection and development of these projects is guided by a careful consideration of the educational and learning outcomes of each project. Each project is deisgned to develop research, educational or organisational skills, or some contribution of these. Throughout this subject there will be regular contact with students and regular input into the conduct of the project and appropriate control of the assessment.
Prerequisites:Enrolment in Bachelor of International Relations and POL2IPP
Class Requirements:150 hours attendance at an approved workplace plus three 3-hour workshops
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:N


Assessment Type%Comments
one 750-word workplan15
one 1,250-word report25
one 3,000-word assignment60

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Subject Coordinator: Dr Michael O'Keefe

Subject Availability
Semester 1, Day. Dr Michael O'Keefe
Semester 2, Day. Dr Michael O'Keefe