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ZOO3EPA, 2012

Subject Code:ZOO3EPA
Subject Short Title:ZOOLOGY A
Credit Points:30.0
Special Conditions:Students MUST check details of dates & costs of field trips and enter their component choices via www.latrobe.edu.au/zoology/ (current students)(3rd year)(component selection). Not all components may be offered, there are quotas for the field courses. Laboratory coats and dissecting kits are required. Students will be required to dissect dead animals & to work with living tissue under supervision.
Subject Description:Students must pass three components in order to complete the requirements for the subject. Six components are normally offered and students choose any three providing that a component is not used for credit in another subject. Two components are field courses and run outside the semester. Quotas are applied for the field course and are based upon academic performance. Three components are run in semester time and are based in the laboratory. The last component is an opportunity for our best students to carry out a small research project. To be eligible for this component students must have a minimum of 80% in either ZOO2AFE or ZOO2APH. Each laboratory component consists of lecture/tutorial work and practical work. Component 1: Mallee Field Course. Component 2: Heron Island Field Course. Component 3: Animal-Plant Interactions. Component 4: Reproductive Physiology. Component 5: Moving into Metabolism. Component 6: Research Project.
Quota Size:100
Quota Reason:Laboratory space and staffing constraints.
Prerequisites:ZOO2AFE or ZOO2APH (in 2013: (ZOO2AFE or ZOO2APH) and BIO2POS)
Class Requirements:Lab-based components: four 1-hour lectures and two 4-hour practical classes per week. Field based components: equivalent to five 12-hour days
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:Y


Assessment Type%Comments
Students complete 3 components, each contributes 33% towards the final grade. Component 1.100Mallee Field course: Literature review equivalent to 1000 words (30%), Class participation (10%) and writen report equivalent to 2000 words (60%)
Component 2.100Heron Island Field course: written report of 1500 words (50%) and 1.5 hour examination (50%)
Component 3.100Animal-Plant interactions: quizzes (10%), project report of 1500 words (40%) and 1.5 hr examination (50%)
Component 4.100Reproductive Physiology: Quizzes (10%), Literature review of 750-1000 words (15%), laboratory report of 750-1000 words (15%) and 1.5 hour examination (60%)
Component 5.100Moving into Metabolism: quizzes (10%), Literature review and poster presentation (15%), laboratory report of 1000 words (15%) and 1.5 hour examination (60%)
Component 6.100Research Project: written report (100%)

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Subject Coordinator: Dr Robyn Murphy

Subject Availability
Semester 1, Day. Dr Robyn Murphy (R.Murphy@latrobe.edu.au)