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Faculty Of Science, Technology & Engineering

STA1DCT, 2011

Subject Code:STA1DCT
Credit Points:15.0
Special Conditions:This subject will be offered in semester 1. It will also be offered in semester 2 conditional on sufficient enrolments.
Subject Description:This subject helps the student evaluate data-based evidence encountered in everyday life. It provides the fundamental numeracy skills required by business people, lawyers, nurses, journalists, social scientists, teachers and other professionals who need to evaluate data-based arguments, whether found in newspapers, television or on-line websites. This is achieved by a combination of studying newsworthy topics introduced in lectures, practice classes which encourage engagement with others and on-line quizzes that assess numeracy skills. The four themes covered in this subject are gathering useful data, turning data into information, probability and from data to decision making. These themes are designed for students who do not have any background in mathematics, statistics or probability.
Class Requirements:two 1-hour lectures and one 1-hour practice class per week. Additional 1-hour class in weeks 2 to 6. These five additional classes are optional and intended for students who need help with the online quizzes.
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:Y


Assessment Type%Comments
Assignments (5 assignments, equivalent to 1800 words)30
online numeracy skills quizzes (10 online quizzes, equivalent to 600 words)10
2.5-hour examination60

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Subject Coordinator: Dr Luke Prendergast

Subject Availability
Semester 1, Day. Dr Luke Prendergast
Semester 2, Day. Dr Luke Prendergast