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JRN1TEJ, 2013

Subject Code:JRN1TEJ
Credit Points:15
Special Conditions:Only available as a core at first year level for ABJ & ABJS and an elective for ABSC. This subject is also available as a core subject to ABA major in Journalism & ABA minor in Journalism Sport.
Subject Description:The Emerging Journalist introduces students to the shifting roles and responsibilities of journalists and journalism within liberal democratic societies. At the successful completion of The Emerging Journalist, you will appreciate the contemporary media landscape and the role of journalists and media organisations in relation to social, economic, political and cultural power structures. Topics and issues covered include: the changing nature of audiences and the new ways that journalists are engaging and interacting with audiences; the journalistic applications of social media; best practices in reporting and writing; and the impacts of cultural and technological impacts on journalism as both a profession and as a practice. Assessment tasks are designed to give students an opportunity to start building a portfolio of journalistic work via La Trobe Journalism's online publication for emerging journalists, upstart, http://www.upstart.net.au
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:Y


Assessment Type%Comments
one 1,200 words equivalent fortnightly news test (6 tests worth 5% each)30
one 1,200 words social media exercise and reflective essay30
one 1,600 words news writing exercise (verbal presentation and written news story)40

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Subject Coordinator: Dr Lawrie Zion

Class Requirement
Semester 1, Day. Dr Lawrie Zion (L.Zion@latrobe.edu.au)
One 1-hour Tutorial per week on weekdays during the day from week 10 to week 23 and delivered via face-to-face.
One 2-hour Lecture per week on weekdays during the day from week 10 to week 23 and delivered via face-to-face.