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Faculty Of Humanities & Social Sciences

HUS1TIN, 2012

Subject Code:HUS1TIN
Subject Short Title:THE INTERVIEW
Credit Points:15
Special Conditions:Core first-year subject for students enrolled in either ABJ-Bachelor of Journalism or ABJS-Bachelor of Journalism Sport degrees.
Subject Description:As workplaces become more interactive and interconnected, interviewing skills are becoming more important across a range of vocations. In this subject, students study the processes and skills required for interviewing, focussing on key case studies in literature, print journalism, cinema, broadcasting and online. A key component of the subject will be interviews undertaken by students in all or some of the key interview formats, including live discussion, email, pre-recorded audio and written profile pieces. Students undertaking this subject will gain a broader appreciation in the art of inquiry and personal interaction and develop greater confidence in everything from one on one communications to public speaking to critical analysis. Students will also gain a clear understanding of the use of quotation technique including quote punctuation, in written work and develop an appreciation of key editing issues, both practical and ethical.
Class Requirements:One 2-hour lecture, and one 1-hour tutorial per week
Work Experience Indicator:Student is not undertaking work experience in industry
Available to 'Study Abroad' students:Y


Assessment Type%Comments
One publishing assignment (1000 words)25
One live interview preparation (800 words)20
One interview article (1000 words)25
One interview (presented in text or a/v format) (1200 words)30

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Subject Coordinator: Dr Lawrie Zion

Subject Availability
Semester 2, Day. Mr Steinar Ellingsen (S.Ellingsen@latrobe.edu.au)