Ticketless parking in 2016

Pay-by-plate parking meters

  • From 11 April 2016, pay-by-plate parking meters will replace the current ticket machines for parking in the General (white) bays.
  • Pay-by-plate parking meters are a ticketless system with no need to return to your car to affix a paper ticket. All you need to do is:
    • Enter your registration and select the period of parking time required
    • Pay by cash or credit card (the screen will display a confirmation with options to print a receipt).

Pay-As-You-Go parking

Pay-As-You-Go is an easy alternative to parking meters which allows you to pay only for the time you use the car park. You can pay for parking by app, phone or online. Register from 22 February and you can start using Pay-As-You-Go from 11 April 2016.

How does it work?

  • Register – enter you student or staff ID if you have one.
  • Select your preferred payment method from credit card, debit card or pre-paid card (available from the Student Union).
  • Start and stop your session.

Check the Transport Central website for updates.