Permit types1 Yearly (2019) Salary deduction (fortnightly ongoing 2019)2 Half yearly3 90 Day4 (2019)
White (staff)5 $315.25 $12.08 $157.60 $94.65
White (student)5 $273.20 - $136.60 -
Red (staff and student) $630.50 $24.16 - -
Red (reserved staff)6 $945.70 $36.24 - -
Black (staff)6 $1260.95 $48.33 - -
Green permit - carpooling (students)7 $273.20 (Must be a carpool member) - - -
Green permit - carpooling (staff)7$315.25 (Must be a carpool member)---

Short term permits

  Ticket machine permits CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)
White bays1 $1.60 hourly
$5.80 daily
$1.60 hourly, charged by the minute and capped at $5.80 daily.

Outer Car Parks
(White1: CP2A, CP2B, CP2C)
Note: These car parks are PAYG and vPermit only.

  $3.50 daily flat rate
Visitors car park1 $3.10 hourly
$10.50 daily
$3.10 hourly, charged by the minute and capped at $10.50 daily.
Other permits 
Pre-purchased daily vouchers for white bays9 $10 daily  

1 See car park map [PDF 338KB] for locations of permit types.
2 If you are a part-time or full-time staff member, you are eligible to purchase your permit through salary deduction. Permits purchased through salary deduction will be ongoing with no need for renewal and will discontinue when you cancel them. Annual fee increases to permits will automatically be applied to the fortnightly amount deducted. You will be notified in advance of the annual fee increase, giving you enough time to cancel if you chose to. When purchasing a permit through salary deduction, the first deduction will be for a full fortnight i.e. the first deduction will not be pro-rated even if the permit is purchased towards the end of the current pay period. However, if the permit is cancelled at a later stage, the pay period in which the permit is cancelled will not be charged.
3 A half yearly permit for the periods of the 1/01/20XX – 30/06/20XX and 1/07/20XX - 31/12/20XX will be available for purchase from the first day of each respective period. Both periods will be charged at the same rate.
4 Valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.
5 If you hold a valid a disability permit from your local Council, you can park in the available disabled spaces. You will still need to hold a white parking permit.
6 Red Reserved and Black permits are for staff who have been assigned a specific parking space.
Eligibility criteria applies and you need to consult Traffic and Parking before purchasing one of these permits
7 Conditions apply. Refer to the Carpooling website for details.
8 Replaced by Red Permits.
9 Vouchers can only be pre-purchased by College/Central Administrative/Research areas for business purposes and are not to be used as a substitute for staff members' personal parking use. Vouchers are valid in 'White' bays and within the Visitors Car Park on the Melbourne Campus and they are available in packs of 20.