Parking infringements

Read the sign, avoid the fine

All La Trobe University campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws, so please obey the road rules and signs.

To avoid a parking fine:

  • Obey the signs where you park
  • Check the time limits on metered spaces
  • Display your parking ticket or permit clearly or ensure you have a valid vPermit or valid CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go parking or Pay by Plate parking
  • Only park in a permit zone that matches your permit type
  • Don't park in spaces for the disabled without a disability permit
  • Don't copy, modify or falsify a parking ticket or permit.

If you drive to campus in different vehicles, be sure to switch your permit between vehicles.

Parking fees at the Bendigo Campus apply between 8am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. You park at your own risk. The University will not accept any responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses.

Parking Infringement Notices (PINS)

Vehicles parked contrary to the requirements of the car park signage are issued with Parking Infringement Notices (PINs). If you intend to appeal a parking infringement, refer to the infringement notice for details.

How to Pay Parking Fine

There are several payment methods for parking fines: including online, by phone, cheque or money order. Do not send cash through the mail.

Online or by phone

You can pay your parking infringement notice online and select La Trobe University – Bendigo Campus

Phone payments can be made through Maxi on 1300 667 990

Cheque or Money Order

You can mail cheque or money order payments to:

La Trobe University – Bendigo GPO Box 425 Melbourne, VIC 3001

Please include your parking infringement number and the registration number of your vehicle.