Parking infringements

COVID-19 Update - Parking fees and permit refunds

Refunds are being offered on yearly and half-yearly parking permits. Parking remains free of charge at the Melbourne and Bendigo Campuses for the remainder of 2021.

Read the sign, avoid the fine

All La Trobe University campuses are subject to Victorian traffic laws, so please obey the road rules and signs.

Parking fees at the Bendigo Campus apply between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. You park at your own risk. The University will not accept any responsibility for any damage, accidents or losses.

To avoid a parking fine:

  • Obey the signs where you park
  • Check the time limits on metered spaces
  • Ensure you have a valid vPermit or have paid for your parking using CellOPark Pay-As-You-Go parking or Pay-by-Plate parking
  • Only park in designated parking bay
  • Only park in a permit zone that matches your permit type
  • Don't park in spaces for people with a disability without a valid disability parking permit
  • Don't copy, modify or falsify a parking ticket or permit
  • Ensure you enter the correct registration details when purchasing a permit
  • If you drive to campus in different vehicles, ensure you have the correct vehicle registered:
    • If using vPermit - only 1 vehicle may be "active" at a time. The active vehicle is the vehicle you are driving and parking that day - if you change vehicles, you need to log in and activate another licence plate.
    • If using CellOPark - ensure the correct vehicle is selected.

Parking Infringement Notices

Vehicles that are not parked in accordance with the requirements of the car park signage are issued with Parking Infringement Notices. If you receive an infringement, please review the details on the back of the notice for how to pay. If you intend to appeal a parking infringement, refer to the infringement notice for details.

Remember, Parking Infringements may be issued if:

  • You forgot to switch over the “active” registration
  • You entered your registration letters/numbers incorrectly
  • Your vehicle was parked outside of a designated parking bay
  • Your vehicle was parked in a bay other than the type shown on your permit