RFID Track, Trace and Find

Think you know RFID? Think again - the next generation RFID tag

The Centre for Technology Infusion is collaborating with Sensadata to utilise Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track perishable consumer goods in transit.

SensaData’s Smart-r-Tag is an affordable and re-usable smart asset tag system that measures and reports all producers need to know, about your product’s conditions from the producer’s gate to the end user.

In some use-cases, it is even possible to bring on-farm analytics into the SensaData cloud database to integrate the production history with the supply chain data. By applying world class analytics libraries against this integrated data set, it is possible to bring facts to life.

CTI's role is in product realisation: A micro system on a chip of 5 by 5 mm has been designed and produced by CTI which, when produced at scale, will make the Smart-r-Tag not only the most powerful and versatile in the market, but will also the most economical. It will bring this technology within reach of a very broad range of farmers, producers and other companies looking to gain visibility on their produce in transit.

SensaData CEO Scott McKenzie and CTI Director Prof. Ani Desai received an Australian I-Award in 2017

Sensadata I-Award