Smart Power

Project overview

The Smart Power project involves research and enhanced development of Smart Energy Management technology.  It is based on broadband over power line (BPL) communication technology and provides a more comprehensive solution for premises networking, device automation, energy monitoring, energy management and a roadmap for utility demand response and load control.

The new commercial ready solution comprises a comprehensive user friendly interface based on Smart Power and combines various components into a single tightly integrated system that facilitates movement to an effective Smart Grid solution.

The project deliverables include:

  • Smart Plug Unit (SPU) – Qualcomm Atheros RD6400/PL10 based BPL Design of Smart Plug Units
  • Head Central Controller (HCCO) Software, which contains BPL Network Management Software
  • HCCO service software (error resilient monitoring, management and scheduling)
  • HCCO Web-service Implementation (secure local & remote control/management interfaces)
  • Cloud Synchronisation Interface.


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