Mahindra Reva Energy Management

Project overview

The Centre for Technology Infusion is working with Indian car company Mahindra REVA to implement an advanced energy management system for their Bangalore plant.The system will ‘harvest’ energy from hundreds of electric vehicles car batteries.

The new Mahindra REVA factory is aiming to be one of the greenest automotive plants in the world. The key ways in which the company is reducing their energy footprint includes use of a regenerative dynamometer and a ~75 kWp solar PV system.  However, the factory still needs to rely on a diesel generator backup for plant operations and would like to avoid using this by an intelligent use of solar energy and battery energy stored in cars in the stockyard through ‘vehicle-to-local-grid’ technologies.

The principal areas of the collaborative R&D program includes modelling and simulation of energy use at MREVA factory, developing and deploying an Energy Management System (BEMS) solution incorporating vehicle-to-local-grid and vehicle-to-grid.

In the news

  • Re-imagining the EV as an energy storage medium, EcoGeneration, 1 June 2012
  • Greener factories, better transport systems, La Trobe University Bulletin, February 23 2012
  • Indian company and Victorian university to research application for energy efficiency technologies, Premier of Victoria, February 23 2012.