Process for booking your Autonobus ride

Your ride on the Autonobus

Thank you for your interest in the Autonobus! As a participant in this trial, you will be among the first few hundred in Victoria to ride a level 4 automated shuttle. Level 4 means that the shuttle will be driven by itself, however, for the trial there will be an operator in the shuttle.

On the bottom of this page you will find all of the information statements in case you'd like to read them again.

What is the process?

How to book

1. If you haven't completed your pre-ride survey yet, please register your interest here to receive your link. This survey provides us with basic demographic information as well as your current views on transport. On average it takes about 12  minutes to complete.

2. You will then receive a unique voucher number via email to book your ride. That email will contain a link to the booking page, or you can click this Autonobus booking link. Note: in case of over-subscription for a certain segment (e.g., students vs. professionals), the first to register in that segment will be given preference.

On the day of the ride

1.  Please come to the Future Student Centre under the David Myers Building (Click the link to see the location on Google maps). The David Myers Building is located on Science Dr, Bundoora 3083. We will send you a confirmation email which includes a map and directions.

2. Please arrive 20 minutes before your ride time to:

  • sign your consent form
  • verify your ID. Please make sure you bring a Photo ID (e.g. student or staff ID card, driver's license, keypass, passport, concession card)
  • take part in an trial briefing about the ride

3. The ride will take about 15 -20 minutes

4. After the ride is finished, please allow 15-20 minute to give us your feedback in a post-ride survey.

The whole process should take about an hour.

We are looking forward to your participation and hope you enjoy the journey.

- The Autonobus team


Date period

Pre-ride survey and consent via email

January - March  2018

Book the date for the ride

March - April 2018

Listen to the trial briefing, take a ride on the Autonobus and complete the post-ride survey

April May 2018

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