Outstanding teachers

La Trobe is proud to highlight the following teachers whose efforts contribute to our goal of transforming student lives through learning. Some have received awards from the Australian Teaching and Learning Council, which has recognised twenty-five La Trobe teachers since 2006.

Business, Economics and Law

paul emery Paul Emery

Paul encourages his students to question everything they read and hear, and to extend their own levels of creativity.

greg jamiesonGreg Jamieson

Greg is responsible for designing a new means of motivating and assessing teamwork within the Business School.

lynne levesonDr Lynne Leveson

Lynne asks her students to examine the links between their university studies and their day-to-day experiences on a regular basis.


alistair stewartAlistair Stewart

Alistair says what sets La Trobe apart is its focus on using outdoor experiences to gain knowledge and understanding.

pete sandersPete Sanders

Pete Sanders’ passion for improving Primary mathematics teaching is infectious.

caroline waltaDr Caroline Walta

‘Students in this program are very much connected,’ Caroline emphasises.

mark keeffeDr Mary Keeffe

Mary explains that there is a real community of care at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus.

Health Sciences

brian grillsDr Brian Grills

Brian has been with La Trobe for 23 years, and has taught approximately 15,000 students in that time.

susan furnessSusan Furness

From their first day on course, Susan treats her students as if they are already qualified clinicians.

Humanities and Social Sciences

julie rudnerDr Julie Rudner

Julie has energised the program through her commitment and enthusiasm.

ana maria ducasseDr Ana Maria Ducasse

Ana Maria began her working life as a language teacher, and still has obvious enthusiasm for both language education and research.

raphael trantoulRaphaël Trantoul

Raphaël’s goal has been to create a program that would equip students both linguistically and culturally.

roland burkeDr Roland Burke

Rather than simply presenting a series of facts, Roland regularly encourages his students to share their opinions on each historical event.

stefan auerDr Stefan Auer

Stefan has a particular interest in how technology can take course content beyond the four walls of the lecture theatre.

Science, Technology and Engineering

mary martinMary Martin

Mary is passionate about involving industry in La Trobe’s information technology programs.

biology thumbFirst Year Biology Learning and Teaching Group

This group was created to address the challenges biology students face as they begin university life.

chemistry teamFirst Year Chemistry Group

The entire chemistry team has energy and enthusiasm along with a desire to make sure students leave the course with a solid understanding of the subject matter.

peter cartwrightDr Peter Cartwright

Peter explains that La Trobe’s postgraduate biotechnology lecturers promote an open-door policy.

susan lawlerDr Susan Lawler

Susan’s students often comment on her enthusiasm and use of humour in the classroom, as well as her ability to link their studies to real-world examples.