Improving our curriculum

As part of our goal to transform student lives through learning, La Trobe created the Design for Learning project, which takes on the ambitious task of reviewing and renewing every Bachelor-level course at the University by 2014. Through this project, La Trobe will improve the quality of undergraduate student engagement, learning, and academic success.

Design for Learning will ensure that every Bachelor-level course at La Trobe makes clear to staff and students alike:

  • What all students are expected to know and be able to do at the beginning, middle and end of their course (i.e., the intended learning outcomes).
  • How, when and where students will learn and develop intended skills and knowledge.
  • What standards student learning will be assessed and evaluated against, and when and how students will be provided with any feedback needed for improvement.
  • What academic support and enrichment activities are available to students.

In this video, La Trobe staff member Matthew Oates outlines his work for the Design for Learning project:

Staff stories - Matthew Oates