What students say

Because one of La Trobe’s goals is to transform student lives through learning, we are particularly aware of and interested in how our students perceive the University. In 2010, we recorded our highest level of student satisfaction in three years based on results from the The Australasian Survey of Student Engagement. This followed on from La Trobe being ranked the top Victorian university for student satisfaction (Sweeney Uni Student Report, 2009). 

Student Enrichment

Since 2010, the La Trobe Student Enrichment team has been working on improving the informal learning experiences of our students. The team’s primary goals are to:

  • Facilitate student employability through career education and skill building programs.
  • Design and enhance the first year experience to maximise student engagement and success.
  • Deliver high impact programs designed to enhance student learning, engagement and community.
  • Build a cohesive and inclusive student experience by delivering programs and services across all campuses.
  • Engage industry and community partners to shape, drive and participate in the student experience.

In these videos, our students discuss why they enjoy life at La Trobe:

Student Testimonial

Mature age student testimonial

Arthorn - Master of Marketing Management