Support for students

As part of La Trobe's goals to transform student lives through learning and create new and useful knowledge, the University works to make sure that students are supported as they learn. Some of La Trobe's support services include:

Student Learning

The Student Learning works closely with teaching staff to ensure that all La Trobe students – including those from non-English-speaking backgrounds – develop high-level academic speaking, writing, reading, and numeracy skills.

To achieve this, Student Learning staff:

  • collaborate on course and subject design
  • advise on teaching and learning strategies
  • teach/co-teach special undergraduate and postgraduate subjects, tutorials and workshops
  • provide professional development for staff.

Connect Volunteer Program

In 2012, La Trobe began offering new students the Connect Volunteer Program, providing an introduction to the University along with weekly support in person or via email. The program builds on existing peer mentor programs and brings together all the shared knowledge, experiences and best practice that La Trobe has to offer in the field of peer mentoring.


La Trobe offers a wide range of scholarships for future undergraduate, current undergraduate, postgraduate, and international students. These include University-wide scholarships such as the La Trobe University Study Support Scholarship, campus scholarships, college scholarships, and grants for Honours year students.

The La Trobe Awards

Library Peer Learning Advisers

student learning advisors are located in the libraryLa Trobe understands that university study involves challenges, and that other successful and experienced students can sometimes be of real assistance.

Peer mentoring programs of this kind work well in universities across Australia and beyond. So the University Library and Academic Language and Learning Unit have established the Peer Learning Adviser (PLA) Initiative. PLAs are available in each of La Trobe's campus libraries throughout the year, and a range of students from each College are involved. PLAs provide help with issues such as:

  • assignment difficulties
  • English language questions
  • referencing queries
  • finding journal articles
  • exam preparation.

Research shows that programs like this benefit both the student asking for help and the Peer Learning Advisers themselves.

Indigenous Student Services

One way La Trobe plans to transform student lives through learning is to create new pathways for under-represented students at the University. A concrete measure of our success will be ensuring that Indigenous student numbers at least double by 2015. At the start of 2011, the total number of Indigenous students at La Trobe was 145.

La Trobe currently offers Indigenous Student Service Units across its campuses in an effort to provide the highest quality services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as prospective students, current students and alumni. These services aim to increase access, participation, retention and success for Indigenous Australians within the higher education sector.

Diversity at La Trobe

La Trobe's Equality and Diversity Centre is focused on developing programs and policies that improve access for students and support the successful completion of their studies. The Centre's activities include providing disability support services, and working to remove barriers to university access for disadvantaged students.
This video shows how Abdi Sharif, a Bendigo campus student studying Bachelor of Oral Health Science, overcame personal challenges to succeed in his studies at La Trobe:

Support for students

La Trobe also offers services such as counselling, a mature age student organisation and a range of other services to support students.