Bachelor and Master degree student policies

Please refer to La Trobe University's central policy repository.

Foundation and Diploma student policies

All policies in PDF format. For further information or clarification please contact La Trobe University Sydney Campus.

LTUSC Academic Integrity Policy [PDF File 177 KB]

LTUSC Access Equity and Equal Opportunity Policy [PDF File 83 KB]

LTUSC Assessment Policy [PDF File 237 KB]

LTUSC Care of International Students under the Age of 18 Policy [PDF File 177 KB]

LTUSC Change of Premises Ownership Management Policy and Procedure [PDF File 111 KB]

LTUSC Complaints Procedure [PDF File 160 KB]

LTUSC Completion within Expected Duration of Study Policy [PDF File 96 KB]

LTUSC Course Progression Policy and Procedure [PDF File 230 KB]

LTUSC Credit Transfer Policy [PDF File 200 KB]

LTUSC Critical Incident Policy and Procedure [PDF File 208 KB]

LTUSC Deferment Suspension and Cancellation Policy [PDF File 140 KB]

LTUSC Enrolment Policy [PDF File 256 KB]

LTUSC Examinations Policy [PDF File 192 KB]

LTUSC Finalisation of Results and Review of Marks Policy [PDF File 246 KB]

LTUSC FSDP Attendance Policy [PDF File 85 KB]

LTUSC Marketing Policy [PDF File 88 KB]

LTUSC Privacy Policy [PDF File 103 KB]

LTUSC Recognition of Prior Learning Policy [PDF File 242 KB]

LTUSC Refund Policy [PDF File 144 KB]

LTUSC Special Consideration and Deferred Assessment Policy [PDF File 172 KB]

LTUSC Staff Capabilities Educational Resources and Premises [PDF File 180 KB]

LTUSC Student Code of Conduct [PDF File 110 KB]

LTUSC Student Grievance Policy [PDF File 186 KB]

LTUSC Student Safety Management Plan [PDF File 140 KB]

LTUSC Student Support Services Policy [PDF File 189 KB]

LTUSC Transfer between Providers Policy [PDF File 360 KB]

LTUSC Tuition – Assurance Exemption Statement [PDF File 112 KB]

LTUSC Tuition – Exemption Conditions [PDF File 245KB]

LTUSC Tuition – Notice of Exemption [PDF File 72KB]