Academic Symposium

Academic Symposium

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Advancing Sustainability in Education and Research: 2012 Academic Symposium

In 2012 the symposium was titled Advancing Sustainability in Education and Research and was conducted on the 20 February.

The Symposium was free for La Trobe staff and students.

The Symposium brought together work from a range of disciplines to:


  • consider the role education and research play in addressing the long term viability of the economy, social order and the environment; and
  • promote multi-disciplinary perspectives to developing practical and policy solutions to improving social and environmental sustainability.

It explored how education for sustainable development can develop attitudes in future leaders and society to expedite change, what educators, business and students’ expectations are in relation to sustainability roles in the workplace and therefore how these skills and knowledge are developed through education. The symposium discussed multi-disciplinary research as a key to developing solutions leading towards behavioural change. It considered how research is developing opportunities for more sustainable practices.

The symposium was aimed at academics and students and provided opportunities to understand how sustainability education can be embedded in learning programs in a way that addresses the needs of students and employers. It showcased some of the leading developments in sustainable research and looks towards where further research and learning opportunities exist.

Key themes

Education for sustainable development,the science of sustainability, influencing practice and policy.