VTAC entry requirements

What will my ATAR get me into?

Find out which courses you can get into with your ATAR using our:

To apply for your chosen course, you also need to satisfy any prerequisites.

What if I don't have the right ATAR?

There are a range of entry pathways if you don't meet the required ATAR for your chosen course.

Specific course requirements

Some courses have other requirements like prerequisites or portfolio presentations. Check the 'prerequisite' and 'Year 12 and non-year 12 extra requirements' sections for your chosen course.

It's also worth noting a course's clearly-in ATAR from the previous year and its subject bonus criteria. If your ATAR is just below the clearly-in ATAR, selection officers will consider additional information including:

  • results from certain Year 12 subjects
  • personal circumstances you may have experienced in your final year of studies.


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