Work Recognition Program

You may be able to include your work experience to support your application for a course at La Trobe University. Experience includes professional experience and work experience sufficient to demonstrate readiness for higher education. Under this Program applicants need a minimum work experience equivalent to one year full time work experience and be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

La Trobe will consider your skill level and duration of your work experience when assessing your application. The University use the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations and the Australian Qualifications Framework to assist in determining your eligibility.

Please refer to details about entry requirements on our Course Finder page to determine if the course/s you wish to apply will consider your work experience.

What you require

Check the 'how to apply' information for your chosen course(s) to see if Work Experience Program is applicable.

Contact us on 1300 135 045 to discuss your options.

You will need to include documentation to verify your employment and duration. Ask your employer for a statement of service which includes:

  • the name of your employer and signature
  • a statement outlining your length of employment and duties

How to apply

  1. Check the 'how to apply' information for each course to see if applications are currently open.
  2. Complete the Personal Statement form with your application and attach a Statement of Service

Direct applicants: Please go to

VTAC applicants: Submit the Personal Statement to VTAC.

UAC applicants: Complete the UAC Personal Information Form.