What will I learn?

Develop skills to be an independent learner by:

  • Experiencing what it's like to study at university
  • Enjoying face-to-face contact with lecturers in a limited numbers environment
  • Experiencing an integrated curriculum where one subject links directly to another in a real-world context
  • Be supported to learn with online teaching tools
  • Experiencing different forms of assessment
  • Learning to work with others.

What can I do to prepare for this program?

  • Read - practice reading by reading the newspaper or online blogs
  • Talk - practice talking about current affairs and what they mean to you
  • Write - practice writing down your thoughts on a topic.

What is the end result?

  • This program is an enabling pathway program into La Trobe University aiming to develop understanding, knowledge and skills for successful entry into tertiary study.
  • It is a non-award program – which means you receive an academic transcript as a statement of completion but not a course statement. Though not a qualification, it will enable you to access tertiary education through La Trobe.

It will equip you to make decisions about future learning and if you achieve grading requirements it will provide you with an entry pathway into numerous La Trobe courses.

Our subjects

Academic communication

AC1 - Academic culture

AC2 - Academic writing

AC3 - Academic presentations

Critical thinking

CT2 - Thinking critically

CT3 - Critical reasoning

CT4 - Critical inquiry

Digital literacy

DL1 - Digital literacy

DL2 - Academic digital literacy

DL3 - Professional digital literacy

Science foundations

SC2 - Human body systems

SC3 - Foundation cell biology

SC4 - Foundation chemistry

Math foundations

MA1 - Thinking mathematically

MA2 - Foundation algebra

MA3 - Foundation statistics

STEM concepts

ST2 - Thinking scientifically

ST3 - Mathematical communication

ST4 - World changing science