Health care and emergency services

Melbourne campus

La Trobe University Medical Centre is located in the northwest corner of the campus next to the Health Sciences building. Note that it is a private company and is not run by La Trobe University.

The following medical centres in the area also charge a small up-front fee to students who are covered by OSHC:

Reservoir Medical Group

Corner Plenty and Gremel Roads, Reservoir
Tel: (03) 9478 2255

Reservoir Medical Centre

4 Edwards Street, Reservoir
Tel: (03) 9469 4944

Mill Park Super Clinic

250 Childs Road, Mill Park
Tel: (03) 9436 4155

For a complete list of direct billing clinics in Victoria, please visit the OSHC website.

You can also call OSHC and speak with a trained nurse or doctor for medical advice if you are unsure about whether to go to a doctor or the hospital. To do this in a non-emergency situation call General Enquiries on 13 OSHC (13 67 42).

OSHC also offer a 24-hour emergency helpline for medical, legal and interpreting services in an emergency situation: 1800 814 781

OSHC on campus

A client service representative is available to assist international students with their OSHC needs and questions at the following times:

  • Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 10am - 5pm
  • Location: La Trobe International, Melbourne campus - reception Area

Bendigo campus

The medical clinic at Bendigo campus is located in the Student Services Centre. You can make an appointment with the Student Services receptionist to see the nurse or doctor.

For information regarding the medical clinic, view the On-Campus Health Services section of the website.

Albury-Wodonga campus

There are numerous medical clinics, doctors and dentists in Albury-Wodonga, and two public and two private hospitals.

Medical clinics are listed in the phone book, or International Student Support Services (Albury-Wodonga) can provide contact details for a clinic that has an arrangement to accept international students and direct bill to OSHC.

You should ask about current charges when you telephone a clinic to make an appointment. You can ask at the student association for a list of doctors who bulk bill.

Emergency services

The national telephone number for all emergency services in Australia including police, ambulance and fire is "000".

000 calls are answered by an operator who will ask which service you require - Police, Fire or Ambulance. The operator will ask relevant questions, and arrange an appropriate response.

000 calls are free on all mobile phones. Some newer phones might require you to dial 112, the international emergency number.

For critical incidents not requiring an ambulance, the police or fire brigade immediately, we recommend you call International Student Services on your campus during business hours (9am-5pm) Monday to Friday.

If you need assistance after hours, call the most appropriate number below.

Useful phone numbers

  • 000 Police, Fire, Ambulance (EMERGENCY ONLY)
  • 1800 800 613 Security, Melbourne campus
  • 1800 077 043 Security, Bendigo Campus
  • 0418 459 324 Security, Albury Wodonga Campus
  • 131 126 - Poisons Information Centre (24 hours)
  • 131 114 - Life Line: 24 hour counselling service.
  • 131 638 - Public transport & timetables.
  • 132 500 - SES (State Emergency Service)
  • 131 176 Car Accident Towing
  • 9341 1040 - Dentists: Dental Hospital Service [Emergency Only].

Contact International Student Services.