Aspire VCE Revision Lectures

Register your attendance at our upcoming VCE Revision Lectures. As an Aspire student, the cost of theses lectures is covered by La Trobe University.

A few things to consider before your register:

  • Places are limited, so be sure to register quickly. Be sure to register your place at least three days prior to the weekend of your lecture so that you don’t miss out.
  • Reserve your place only if you’ll be attending so that other students won’t miss out. If you reserve a place and can no longer attend, please notify the Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045.
  • The lectures are provided by Access Education. They’re only able to provide revision notes to students who attend the lectures. We aren’t able to post revision notes if you’re unable to attend. It’s important for students to attend the lectures to ensure that the revision notes make sense.
  • Sessions run for about 2.5 hours. Access Education will email you closer to the date of the lectures. If you don’t receive an email from them, don’t panic. When you register your place, we forward your details to Access Education so that they can reserve your place.

VCE revision lectures

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For any questions, please contact the Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045.