How to apply for Aspire

Key application dates

  • 1 May 2020: Applications open for Semester 1 2021
  • 31 August 2020: Applications close
  • Mid-September 2020: Early conditional offers released
  • January 2021: Confirmed offers released in first round only

Application steps

  • Fill out the application form. You can nominate up to three courses. Select your course preferences carefully – once an application has been submitted, it can’t be changed until Second Chance Aspire during Change of Preference.*

  • Preference your Aspire course accordingly:

    1. Year 12s: To secure your Aspire place, ensure the course you applied for with Aspire is listed amongst your preferences in VTAC/UAC. The offer you receive from VTAC/UAC will be for the course listed highest on your preference list, assuming you've met all the admission criteria.
    2. Non-Year 12s: You’re still required to submit an application through VTAC/UAC or via direct application to the University, in addition to your Aspire application. Make sure the course you apply for in Aspire is the same as in your VTAC/UAC or direct application.
  • Submit your application by 31 August 2020.

*Available only to students who don't meet the Aspire ATAR

Application criteria

When you apply for Aspire, you’ll need to provide information about the length and frequency of your community service or volunteering experience, as well as a 400-word description of your involvement and impact.

Your application should respond to the following admission criteria:

  • Indicate the length of time involved in community engagement and/or volunteering.
  • Indicate the frequency of involvement in community engagement and/or volunteering.
  • A 200-word description of your involvement in community service and/or volunteerism.
  • A 200-word description of the impact of your community service and/or volunteerism.
    • List the activities you’ve been involved in through your community service/volunteerism and describe them for us.
    • Describe the impact of your community service and/or volunteerism in the community, including (but not limited to) individuals and groups.
    • Describe how your community service and/or volunteerism has impacted your personal development including your own learning and skill development.

Sample application form

This sample Aspire application provides insight into what constitutes a good application.

The written section of the application should be no more than 400 words.

Receiving an offer

If your application is successful, you’ll receive an offer in September — or even earlier for courses without caps on enrolment — which is conditional on:

  • Meeting the standard course prerequisites and any extra requirements for your chosen course
  • Meeting the Aspire ATAR for your course (or equivalent from further study)
  • Placing your Aspire course in VTAC/UAC preference list or in your direct application for non-Year 12 students.
  • Confirmed offers will only be released during first round of offers via VTAC/UAC

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