Our Aspire students

We know there’s more to being a good student than marks alone. Aspire rewards the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through your contribution to your local community.

Read on to see the how our Aspire students have made their mark.


  • Save the Children
  • Bachelor of Commerce /Law

‘Save the Children’s ambition to create better lives for children worldwide is integrated in programs such as the Literacy Club. As a tutor within the Literacy Club, I provide academic support for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Throughout my time with Save the Children, I’ve observed the increased independence and confidence of these children, which has fueled my passion for social justice, particularly addressing inequities in educational access and opportunity.'


  • St Vincent De Paul, Soup Van
  • Bachelor of Law/Arts

‘Working at the Soup Van, I serve people a warm meal and provide support by taking time to listen, and having a chat. Often I come to know people by first name and share stories while serving their food. Spending time on the Soup Van has put my life into perspective, helping me to appreciate things which I may have taken for granted. I am now more aware of what is important – a sense of belonging, relationships and making the most of what you have.’


  • Scouts
  • Bachelor of Science

‘My experience with Scouts has taught me a lot about myself and how to become a better leader. I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the difference one person can make to another. It has also opened my eyes to the different worlds and valuable contributions of others.’


  • CFA
  • Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery

'Working with the CFA has been challenging, rewarding and insightful. I’ve developed many great friendships - building trust, confidence and my teamwork skills.'

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