About Aspire

There’s more to being a good student than marks alone. Aspire rewards the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through your community contribution with a conditional early offer into your chosen course at La Trobe.

What’s on offer

The Aspire Program is designed to give you the tools you need to succeed at La Trobe and beyond.

Year 12 students accepted into Aspire will get:

  • a taste of university life at La Trobe with special on-campus events before the year commences
  • the chance to meet and connect with like-minded students who share your goals and passions
  • support for your exams with VCE/HSC revision lectures in the September school holiday
  • access to our extensive library and campus resources
  • induction into our Enrichment Program to prepare for what’s to come.

Students that have completed year 12 will get:

  • access to a specially-tailored Enrichment Program designed to introduce you to life at La Trobe.

Get an early conditional offer

Successful Aspire applicants also receive an early conditional offer into their chosen course at La Trobe.

For Year 12 students this includes a minimum ATAR of 50 for entry into our courses (excluding some professional degree programs). And you’ll find out in September if you’ve been accepted into the Aspire Program, well before your ATAR.

For students that have completed year 12, Aspire offers the benefit of minimum entry requirements (ATAR or equivalent academic performance in further study).

You’ll still need to meet all course prerequisites and any special requirements for your preferred course.

What's an early conditional offer?

A conditional offer means you’ve been accepted into your chosen course at La Trobe, as long as you meet the outlined requirements in your offer.

For Aspire applicants you’ll need to:

  • meet the minimum ATAR for your course – for most courses, this is 50, but higher minimum-ATAR applies for some professional courses
  • meet the standard prerequisites and any special requirements for your course
  • place your Aspire course as the highest eligible preference in the VTAC/UAC preference list (if in Year 12).