Discipline-specific application requirements

Explore selected discipline specific requirements if applying for a graduate research degree.

Requirements for higher research degree scholarship applicants to La Trobe University Law School

The La Trobe University Law School applies a First Class Honours equivalence test for HDR Scholarship Applications.

Applicants to the LLM-R, the SJD and the PhD should consider the following when preparing supporting documents to attach to an application for a higher degree by research:

The La Trobe Law School will consider candidates who can demonstrate the following as meeting the First Class Honours equivalence test:

  1. A subject average of 75% or higher 


  2. graduation in the top ten percent of an LLB, JD or LLM graduating class, as evidenced in a letter from the Dean or Head of School 
    and either:
  3. Professional research experience in a relevant field, supported by references and other relevant evidence, demonstrating* excellent research skills, such as:
    • A superior court associateship, as evidenced by a reference from the relevant judge
    • Two or more years at the Bar
    • Editorship or membership of a university law review
    • Publication of peer reviewed legal scholarship
    • Demonstrated research capacity such as significant employment as a research assistant on a large grant project or similar project such as an inquiry of the law reform commission)


  4. An academic research track record evidenced by:
  • publication as lead author in a peer reviewed journal (where there are multiple authors, a note stating the contribution of each author to the article must be submitted with the application) or
  • A single piece, or portfolio, of academic writing of approximately 10,000 words

*Research submitted in satisfaction of criterion 3 will be submitted for independent review to a La Trobe University member of academic staff with expertise in the subject area and who is not a proposed supervisor or member of the research team. The reviewer will be asked to provide a written report which focuses on whether the author has demonstrated research excellence and has the capacity to work at the very high standard expected of a PhD candidate.