How it works

Students enrolled in VCE Plus choose a pair of first year university subjects to study whilst completing Year 12 (one subject per semester). VCE Plus is offered at all La Trobe campuses and subjects are delivered online, face‑to‑face, or a combination of both.

This is your opportunity to experience life at La Trobe University, add to your ATAR and challenge yourself academically.

Who should apply for VCE plus

If you:

  • Are self-motivated and academically capable
  • Want a head start with your university course
  • Want to gain a first-hand experience of university life

Then VCE Plus could be the program for you.

Who is eligible

We're looking for students who are self-motivated and academically capable. You will also need to:

  • have enrolled in at least four VCE Unit 3/4 subjects (one being English, EAL or English Language)
  • to be eligible to be awarded VCE in 2019
  • to have at least one VCE Unit 3/4 enrolment during the year you undertake VCE Plus.
  • to have achieved excellent results in Year 11

Class delivery

Studying at university will be very different from your school experience. With less time spent in class and more time studying independently, you’ll be more responsible for your education. As a VCE Plus student of the University, you may attend tutorials, lectures, workshops and lab classes alongside the general first year student population.

Classes are generally held on campus. Lectures are recorded and are available online. Most subjects also have further online learning material available, such as podcasts and lecture notes.

The on-campus classes for VCE Plus subjects are generally held after school hours and where possible, you’ll be given priority enrolment to accommodate your availability. Subjects with a laboratory component may require students to attend during school hours. Classes are not available on weekends.

All tutorials, lectures, workshops and lab classes are delivered by La Trobe University lecturers and tutors.

Program cost

VCE Plus subjects are free to study at La Trobe.

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