Prerequisites: Students need to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in VCE Units 3 and 4 Business Management

Semester 1

Business foundations

Business Foundations will introduce you to how businesses operate today in a local, regional and global environment and how they may need to operate into the future. You will engage actively with current business issues, focusing particularly on the impact of external and internal environments on businesses and individuals.

In addition, this subject is designed to develop your critical thinking and creative problem solving skills with a particular focus on management, marketing and human resource practices. You will also examine and address contemporary business social issues drawn from various organisational and cultural contexts.


Global citizenship; external and internal environment analysis; SWOT analysis; customer value, organisational planning; leadership; organisational decision-making; business risk.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour Evidence Based Learning on campus
  • equivalent 3 hour lecture (online)

Semester 2

Foundations of Management

Foundations of Management introduces you to the intellectual foundations of the management of organisations, and the principles and tools used in the management of modern enterprises.

Topics discussed include the core ideas upon which contemporary management theory is based; an examination of the nature of managerial work; and how managerial actions impact on and are shaped by the environment, through a consideration of globalisation, ethics and social responsibility, and the cultural context of management.


management principles and paradigms; managing in a global environment; ethics and responsibility; business environment and corporate culture; understanding behaviour; and leadership, planning, strategy and structure.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour class on campus
  • equivalent 3 hour lecture (online)