Prerequisites: Students need to have completed or be concurrently enrolled in VCE Units 3 and 4 Accounting

Semester 1

Accounting for management decisions

This subject aims to provide undergraduate students with a broad introduction to the study of accounting and the role of accounting information in organisational decision-making and accountability.

It provides students with an understanding of accounting concepts and processes that are fundamental to the preparation and use of standard accounting information.

It also develops student awareness of the ethical, professional, organisational, and social contexts within which accounting is practiced. Accounting for Management Decisions is a pre-requisite to further study in accounting.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour interactive workshop on campus

Semester 2

Accounting and information systems

In this subject you will acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding of generally accepted accounting principles which govern the preparation, presentation and communication of accounting information.

You will prepare accounting information for both internal and external stakeholders by using relevant information technology as well as the management of information systems. This subject is a prerequisite to further study in accounting.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour workshop, on campus