Aboriginal Studies

Prerequisites: none

Semester 1

Introduction to Aboriginal Australia

You will be introduced to various elements of Indigenous Australia. You will study a broad range of relevant issues to contemporary Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander people. While there will be a particular emphasis on the Indigenous people of Victoria, you will gain an understanding of regional variation throughout Australia.

We will discuss issues including identity, self‑representation, spirituality, family, gender, land, politics, law, economics, education, health, history, art and music. The focus is a balanced representation of Aboriginal and academic literature and viewpoints where you are encouraged to engage with the issues openly. The subject focuses on future study or career options in Aboriginal Studies.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour workshop
  • 1 hour lecture (available online)

Semester 2

Ideas that shook the world

In this interdisciplinary subject we explore some of the most influential ideas in the history of the West including: freedom, imperialism, secularisation and the individual. The subject traces the origins of these ideas and their manifestation in the world today. It is delivered in small seminars, allowing you to work closely with fellow students and your academic seminar leader.

This subject will help you identify and critically evaluate some of the central ideas underpinning public discussion on a range of political and cultural issues both contemporary and historical. It will provide you with a solid foundation of cultural knowledge, which will be invaluable as you continue your studies.

The disciplines studied in this subject include: Aboriginal Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History, English, History, Media and Communications, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, and Sustainability and Development. This subject addresses the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Essential by asking you to think creatively, work collaboratively, and respond to real-world scenarios and issues in 21st Century Australia.

Duration: weekly

  • 2 hour seminar blended mode
  • 1 hour online activity