My eQuals

My eQuals is a new, online credentials platform in use by over 46 higher education institutions in Australia and New Zealand. My eQuals allows you to obtain certified digital copies of your academic transcripts, testamur, and AHEGS, and securely share them with third parties such as employers and other universities.

From August 2018, upon graduation you will receive a hardcopy testamur, and secure digital copies of your testamur, official academic transcript, and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statements (AHEGS) via My eQuals.

How does My eQuals work?

We issue your transcripts and degree documents through My eQuals' secure platform. The documents are digitally certified, and we provide you with a login to access them online.

You can view the documents via the My eQuals system. While the documents cannot be altered, you choose who to share them with, for example a prospective employer or future university. You can limit how long the shared documents are available, and revoke access at any stage.

What are the benefits of My eQuals?

  • Quicker processing times for employment and university applications. Employers and admissions teams can instantly verify your qualifications through My eQuals.
  • Your documents are certified online, reducing the need to get them certified in person and pay the costs associated with such practice.
  • Your documents are available anywhere you have internet access.
  • Less paper wastage and reduced costs. My eQuals is expected to save at least 180 000 pieces of paper each year. There's no need to pay to print and post your documents - simply share the certified digital copy in minutes.

For more information, visit the My eQuals website.