Alternative exam arrangements

Alternative exam arrangements can be organised for:

  • ongoing medical reasons if supported by the Equity and Diversity Centre
  • some non-medical reasons as listed below
  • exam clashes as listed on the exam timetable

Alternative exams take place during the set examination period. They do not run once the examination period has concluded.

Travel plans, including for weddings and holidays are not considered grounds for alternative exam arrangements.

Ongoing medical reasons

If you have a temporary or permanent medical issue that you are aware of prior to an assessment task, please contact Equity & Diversity. Requests must be organised a minimum of 2 weeks before the exam period starts. If possible, contact Equity and Diversity at the beginning of semester.

Non-medical reasons

The Alternative Exam Arrangement form is now closed for Semester 2, 2018 exams.

You can apply for an alternate exam arrangement if you have unexpectedly been called up for:

  • armed services duty
  • jury duty or appearing in court
  • emergency services employee/volunteer, or
  • you are an elite athlete

Exam Clashes

An exam clash applies only where two exams occur on the same day at the same time. Two exams on the same day (eg. 9am and 2pm) is not considered to be a clash.

If you have an exam clash, the Examinations Office will contact you 2 weeks prior to your exams. You do not need to submit an AEA form.

Availability for exams

The University advises all students to make themselves available for the duration of all official examination periods. Holiday, travel plans and weddings are not valid reasons to request alternative exam times.

Special Consideration

If you miss an exam because of an unexpected illness, or other unforeseeable adverse circumstance, you may lodge an application for Special Consideration no more than 3 working days after the exam.