Health science course transfers

Semester 1 2016 applications will open shortly. 

Applications will close on November 30.

What you need to know 

Health sciences has an internal transfer guideline document which is currently being updated for 2016. This outlines the rules applicable to a student enrolled at La Trobe University who plans to apply for an internal transfer into another health sciences course administered by the College of Science, Health and Engineering. 

Many students entering the first year program in health sciences at La Trobe do so seeking to apply for an internal course transfer to their desired course at the end of their first year. Detailed information pertaining to internal course transfer data from the end of each academic year can be found in the Internal Course Transfer Data [DOCX 23KB] document. This should be read in conjunction with the internal course transfer information. Information will be uploaded shortly.

Students currently enrolled at La Trobe University within health sciences courses and who are not due to complete their course of enrolment by the end of 2015 must not apply for transfer via VTAC or UAC as an offer will not be made. Students within health sciences who are not due to course complete must apply via an Internal Course Transfer only.

Information on the right forms for your course, as well as transfer categories, will be uploaded shortly.

Please do not submit your course transfer forms until all information has been read and understood.