Assessment dates and issues 

Updated 31/03/2023

We have requested access to information about open queries to Didasko. When subjects open, you will also be able to ask the question of subject teachers directly.

We are currently downloading submitted materials for each subject and expect that all assessment submissions will be included in these documents. If there are any changes we will provide this information when the subject resumes.

We understand that there are a number of assessment items that will fall due during, or shortly after, the 2 week pause period. To support you to complete your assessment, all assessment dates will be extended by 3 weeks (2 weeks for the pause + 1 week for Easter).

For example: Assessment due 2 April will now be due 23 April.

Yes, all assessment requirements will be the same. The only difference is that your due date will be extended by 3 weeks.

All assessment deadlines will be extended by three weeks to accommodate the 2 week pause to teaching and the Easter break. Staff will be available for consultation during the Easter week (excluding public holidays). We will shortly provide a study block schedule so that you are able to see the dates for each study block.

All group assessment items will continue with the same group members. We are investigating assessment items that involve creating programs or systems for Didasko, but consider, at this stage, that these tasks will fundamentally remain the same in terms of the overall deliverable 'program/product’ required for the assignment outcome.

The assessment will remain the same and the workshop will be delivered after teaching resumes.

The submission date will be extended by three weeks. Feedback will be provided where required (as indicated in Subject Learning Guides). More information will be provided by teaching staff regarding this once subjects recommence.

No. Once the pause is complete, the subjects and all activities will be in the La Trobe systems. Assignment submissions will be in the La Trobe LMS.