Access to subject materials

Updated 31/03/2023

Yes, all students will continue to study fully online within La Trobe systems.

We are currently working to rebuild Didasko subjects in the La Trobe systems so students can continue and complete their current subjects from Study Blocks 1, 2 and 3. Subjects will be available  in our Learning Management System (LMS) from Friday 31 March, for teaching to commence on Monday 3 April.

You will receive a notification from La Trobe when your subject is available.

Please note that some additional materials will be added to your LMS site over the weekend of April 1 and 2, so please do not be alarmed if there are some gaps in the site when you look on Friday.

We are currently moving materials from Didasko systems to La Trobe systems. In most cases the materials should be the same but there may be some differences where we have had to rebuild resources. In most cases online textbooks are available. We are currently reviewing resources listed for the subjects that are being built, to ensure that we have them accessible. We will keep students informed of any possible changes.

Access to the Bookshelf website through the Didasko platform will no longer be available. La Trobe University has access to a range of online textbooks and other online study materials and we will provide information on how to connect with these resources once subjects re-commence.

Our understanding at this time is that subjects are still accessible. However, staff are not available to respond to queries or interact on the sites. We are unable to confirm whether this access will continue for any period of time.

We are rapidly working to rebuild the Didasko subjects in our La Trobe systems. We are on track to have all subjects completed in time for teaching to recommence on Monday 3 April. There may be some information will become available shortly after subjects recommence.

Once classes recommence your teaching staff will be able to provide additional information about any items that are still being worked through.

We are working to load previously submitted assessment into the La Trobe LMS for your subjects. This is a manual process and may take some additional time to finalise. Your teaching staff will be able to answer any questions regarding assessment once your subject recommences on Monday 3 April.