The CityStudio immersive course returns to Bendigo in 2023.

CityStudio was developed in Vancouver and was first run in Australia in Bendigo 2018. It's an immersive course that takes you outside the classroom to work with your local council, community and La Trobe University to make places more sustainable, inclusive, liveable and joyful.

What is CityStudio exploring in 2023?

In CityStudio 2023, students will work with the City of Greater Bendigo to explore ways to address issues around short-term housing which is an emerging concern for the rapidly changing demographics and related challenges of inadequate housing in the city.

Where and when will it take place?

CityStudio runs as an extensive block mode subject PLA3001 CityStudio: Community Planning and Placemaking in Bendigo (24 February - 7 April 2023).

This subject is based in the Planning Program and is open to students from any discipline or campus.

What is involved?

You will develop and test experimental projects to engage the community in thinking about ways to provide short-term housing in the city. test experimental projects to engage the community in thinking about ways to provide short-term housing in the city. Drawing on design thinking techniques, students will need to think deeply and creatively around a range of options including:

  • tiny houses
  • flatpack houses
  • transportable houses
  • modular housing
  • pop-up houses.

You will explore perspectives about short-term housing options for emergency response, essential employees, seasonal workers and temporary workforce for the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Your project findings and proposals will be showcased to the local council, community and other partners in an event called the ‘Hubbub’ at the end of the program.

2023 Flyer

How can I apply?

We encourage you to apply if you are a committed, innovative and enthusiastic student who is wanting to make change in the community.

PLA3001 is a select entry subject, open to applications from students from any course and campus.

You must have completed 120 credit points and if you are a non-planning student, please send a resume and your statement of results to be considered for this subject as places are limited.

Email your application to Dr. Kiran Shinde.

Applications extended to 18 February 2023

Contact us

If you have any questions about the course, please email Dr Kiran Shinde.