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Fit 4 Your Future is an information page composed by a group of Health Science students passionate about improving and promoting physical activity levels in undergraduate students. Fit 4 Your Future aims to inform and educate members of our La Trobe community on the importance of staying physically active during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, in order to encourage the establishment of healthy habits and to live a healthier lifestyle. The website also aims to educate people about the resources available for physical activity and to foster healthy habits.

Please ensure if you are starting new exercise to always talk to a health professional first.

Physical activity!

It sounds simple but the fact of the matter is, we are not getting enough of it. Undergraduate university students have many commitments and at the moment a lot of us are letting our health habits go. Fit 4 Your Future is an information page which informs you on why it’s important to stay active during COVID19 and beyond to make sure you live a healthier future, whilst providing you with the resources to do so.

Lately there have been a lot of reasons to stay inside, everyone is doing their best to do the right thing and stay home. Luckily, with this comes a range of online resources to keep us off the couch. Whether it's online personal trainers, lifestyle gurus, or fitness apps, the internet provides a plethora of options that work for you.

Why does keeping physically active matter?

“35 health conditions and 26 chronic health conditions were seen to disappear by practicing righteous amount of physical activity” (National Library of Medicine, 2018)

The facts are in, for nearly a century, it has been discovered by many researchers and scientists that there are innumerable benefits of doing physical activity on a regular basis.


  • It’s been shown that regular engagement of physical activity helps the body function. It balances our energy levels, assists with weight loss, and reduces the risk of developing medical problems such as obesity.
  • Mental health is a huge priority in healthcare. Physical activity has been closely associated with a higher level of psychological well-being.

It has also been proven that just by being physically active in one’s leisure time can reduce a severe risk of acquiring high blood pressure and heart disease.

  • Physical activity improves quality of life and boosts overall health status. It also increases the tendency of developing strong bones, joints, muscles and lowers the risk of developing osteoarthritis in one’s lifetime.
  • Not only is staying active beneficial for those with existing conditions, physical activity has been found to improve the quality of sleep among university students which in turn reduces stress levels.

Completing at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week is recommended in order to improve overall health and wellbeing. This includes undertaking any type of muscle-strengthening activity which enhances energy levels and flexibility.

How can I plan my movement?

When managing commitments and other responsibilities, it is important to consider the amount of time spent sitting at a desk in order to reduce sedentary behaviours. For example, examining your timetable and taking breaks between lectures can assist in increasing levels of physical activity as you productively move around during these time slots.

To do this, planning and prioritising physical activity each day can help in achieving the goal of creating healthy habits. This will ensure you remain on top of your studies and academic results while keeping the mind and body healthy. Although it can get quite busy throughout the year especially during exams, staying active can lead to improved performance and better health outcomes.

By implementing these small steps into daily life and increasing the heart rate frequently it is more likely to improve the low rates of physical activity among undergraduate university students. Along with the increased likelihood of remaining fit for the future with reduced morbidity rates.

Options and resources to get you moving

Please note current COVID19 restrictions may effect normal timetables. Please contact specific organisations for more information.

La Trobe Sport

ActivationinisolationIf you are looking to join a sports club at La Trobe to keep active you might want to try check out La Trobe Sports and see what student-run clubs, and exercise opportunities they have on offer.

If you’re looking to make new friends whilst staying active, La Trobe offers social sports such as Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal and Tennis! You can register your interest (here).

La Trobe has all of these activities available on the Bundoora Campus, and they offer a 25% discount to all La Trobe University Students! They are also running online classes, available to book on the MindBody app.

La Trobe is committed to being the Australian University of Choice for Sport, and offers a range of health and fitness programs to help keep students, staff and the wider La Trobe University community physically active.
The use of the enhanced sporting facilities and services, and leveraging sports facilities aim to encourage all members of the University to improve their health and fitness!

If you are looking for exercise options close to campus you might want to look at the Indoor Sports Centre, which offers a Gym, Reformer Pilates, a dedicated yoga studio, small group training classes, personal training and group fitness classes. There is also a 25m heated indoor pool, three tennis courts, five squash courts, table tennis tables and a basketball court available for use. The new La Trobe Sports Park has six indoor highball courts (basketball, netball, futsal and volleyball), a FIFA-accredited soccer pitch, an AFL Oval and lower playing fields.

More information on the exciting opportunities available to students can be found here.

La Trobe Gym

La Trobe Sports Stadium 

If you prefer to walk, run, or cycle, you might want to try out these trails right near La Trobe University Bundoora Campus

-    La Trobe cycling path (begins at Macleod station and brings you right to the campus)

-     La Trobe running track (located at the moat which loops around the whole campus)

-    Bundoora Park

-    Darebin Creek Reserve

-    Plenty Gorge Park

-    Yellow Gum Park

Sports and Fitness Facilities

There are a variety of fitness classes also available that cater to everyone, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.

Melbourne (Bundoora)

  • Pilates republic based on plenty road is not even a 10-minute walk from La Trobe offers a range of Mat-based and Reformer Pilates for everyone.
  • HIIT and RUN is a group-based training business located in Macleod offering outdoor group-based and personal training classes.
  • CorePlus located on High Street offers Pilates, Yoga and Reformer classes catering to all fitness types.

If you are looking for fitness classes located near La Trobe’s other Campuses, you might want to try one of these:

  • DownTown Yoga & Pilates located near the La Trobe City Campus offers classes for everyone, no matter your fitness level.
  • F45 is a functional group-based training circuit with locations all over Australia! Classes are available near the Bundoora, Melbourne City, Bendigo, Shepparton, Albury-Wodonga, Mildura, and Sydney Campuses.
  • Fun, Fitness & Self Defence located at the Shepparton Sports Stadium is a group oriented class for people of all fitness levels.
  • Albury Wodonga Aquatics offers group fitness classes using the Les Mills programs, Freestyle classes as well as Yoga and Body Balance.
  • 14 FITNESS located in Mildura offers group training and conditioning classes catering to people of all fitness levels.
  • The Fitness Playground offers group-based and personal training classes located near the La Trobe Sydney Campus, focusing on a holistic approach to health and well-being.

COVID19 Options

With gyms closed, and COVID-19 restrictions in place it can be hard to build up the motivation to get moving! We still need our daily dose of Vitamin D, but it can be confusing to keep track of the rules and as such, you can find a current guideline for exercise during stage 4 restrictions. These restrictions are changing so stay informed by visiting the Victorian Health and Human Services website.

  • You can get outside to exercise for up to an hour, once per day within 5km of your home.
  • You can exercise with one other person, either from your household or with a friend that lives within your 5km radius.
  • Outdoor sport facilities are temporarily closed. Indoor sports centres including gyms, training facilities and pools are also temporarily closed.
  • Community sport training and competition cannot occur.

While recreational activities including tennis, golf and fishing are also banned, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative, visit your local parks for a while, and make the most of it!

But there is hope! There are plenty of options to stay active at home and once again, the internet comes to the rescue. As  COVID restrictions have rolled out across the country many have turned to online resources such as Youtube where hundreds of guided home work-outs can be found at any level for free. Including:

  • Yoga
  • Calisthenics
  • Pilates
  • Dancing
  • And many more

Set yourself a challenge and try to jump in and keep active. To help you get started, the Heart Foundation has a great resource for some beginner exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

For the more socially minded among us, here are a few safely distanced exercises you can engage in (as long as you live within 5 ks of each other) from a comfortable distance that can also help get you out into the sunshine.

  • Use your legs, walk and jog!
  • Dust off the old bike
  • Yoga in the park
  • Take the dog out
  • Dig into the garden

Tracking Apps

Apple Health App DesignApple Health App 

Lucky for those with an Iphone or Apple watch, the health app comes pre-installed with all it’s features free of charge.


  • Automatically tracking steps, walking/running distance, flights climbed, energy burnt, heart rate and more!
  • Versatile and works with all your other fitness apps! E.g. Strava, Google Fit, LifeSum (scroll to the summary tab to find all the supported apps)
  • All other aspects of health for your mind and body can be tracked as well! Monitoring your nutrition intake, mindfulness activities and even sleep patterns are just some of the other ways the app can help you reach your health goals.

Strava App DesignStrava 

The perfect app to be part of a more social and supportive community, suitable for people of all levels of fitness! Free download, however you will need to pay if you want to utilise some extra features.


  • Tracks all your activities on your profile that you can keep private or open to your friends, along with all the analytics (e.g. pace, elevation, distance etc.) you can imagine. Even allows you to name your activities, write a description on what you did with how it felt, and add pictures!
  • Provides challenges for you to aim towards for all types of fitness
  • Join clubs and communities with like-minded individuals
  • Add your friends and support each other by commenting and reacting to each other’s posts on their activities

Workout Apps

Zombie Run App DesignZombies Run!

Struggling to stay motivated to go out for a walk or run? This app makes physical activity that much more fun and exciting by incorporating an interactive game built with its own immersing story line and missions.


  • Over 200 missions/challenges to complete to keep you motivated
  • Listen to the game’s story as you walk, jog, run or cycle at any speed
  • Can track and share all your progress online

Adidas App DesignAll Day (Adidas): for women 

The All Day app encourages you to empower your own life by balancing amongst the key elements of athletic performance: nutrition, movement, rest and mindset.


  • Offers “discover”, range of routines, practices for nutrition, workout sessions and even custom music to help recover and rest
  • Focuses on both physical training and “mindset” aspect such as mental training

Nike App DesignNike Training Club

The app that caters towards your fitness goals and needs! Can’t find the right workouts for you? This app includes a personal plan that provides guidance whilst adjusting to your own progress, activities and schedule. It takes into account your accessibility to equipment when training at home.


  • Offers a set of recommended workouts and guidance from Nike Master Trainers
  • Celebrate your achievements by earning badges and trophies for accomplishing your workouts
  • Includes a podcast from Nike that features interviews and conversations with industry experts

30 Days Fitness App Design30 Day Fitness App

Are you ready for a 30 day fitness challenge? This app helps users find the perfect workouts, fitness plans and exercises. Watch your progress as you start to improve your fitness levels! (30 Day Fitness, 2019)


  • HD video tutorials available
  • Hundreds of exercises selected for your fitness goals
  • Video instructions for all routines
  • Track your progress and view your workout history

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